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Detailed evaluation and comprehensive testing

Each site is unique, with impacts due to install workmanship and the implications of how legacy technology has aged.  Successfully repowering a solar energy facility requires first understanding existing conditions.  We support you in starting your repowering project by getting an exhaustive and thorough assessment of the state of all the components of your solar asset.
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Consider and compare numerous different approaches

Upgrading from a 600V system to 1000V and adding DC optimizers. From central inverters to string. From module upgrades that trigger a new interconnection, to constraints that drive onsite battery storage.  We will develop recommendations that consider each client's specific needs.  By working collaboratively throughout the entire process, we can deliver measurable results compatible with the site context and aligned with your financial outlook.


Committed to providing the highest client value from start to finish

We deliver your project on time and on budget.  Continuously managing the big picture and the minutiae, across several critical lenses: Coordination and Supervision of all trades, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Quality Control and Plan Conformity, Scheduling and Phasing, Regular Safety Inspections.
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